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Kids Fishing Charters

Kids fishing Charters St Simons Island

Kids redfish St Simons Islandkids fishing charters can be fun for the entire family. Our main goal on this type of charter is to make sure it is actioned packed, educational and most of all that our young anglers have a blast, hopefully hooking them on fishing for a lifetime.

On our kids fishing trips we usually target whiting, croaker, sharks, stingrays, yellowtail and pinfish so pretty much anything that will bite. We usually catch a lot of fish on these trips and there is always something for them to do.

We will usually be fishing in the sound between St Simons Island and Jekyll Island or off of the beaches. Sometimes we will go back into the rivers depending on where the best fishing is at the time. We will be fishing with a piece of shrimp or squid that is sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor and waiting on the fish to bite so its nothing to technical and they will usually catch on pretty quickly.

Father & Son fishing St Simons IslandThere are 2 types of kids fishing trips a 2 hour and a 3 hour trip. Most kids can make it the entire 3 hour trip but you know your children best so we will leave that decision up to you. Most of our trips we usually take up to 4 guest but we can accommodate additional guest on this type of trip. If you are staying on Jekyll Island we recommend coming to our St Simons Island pickup location due the amount of travel time it takes to pick up on Jekyll Island. We try to make good use of your time and would rather spend more time fishing than boat riding.  If you have any questions on our kids trips feel free to contact me I can usually guide you in the right direction according on the age of your children.