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St Simons Redfish Charters

St Simons Redfish  Charters: redfish or spot tailed bass are a very popular species and a lot of guests come from all over the country to St Simons Island to go on redfish charters. Redfish can be found in the rivers along oyster beds, on the shallow mud flats in big schools and on the grass lines on rising tides waiting to go into the marsh grass or at creek mouths waiting on food to come out of the marsh. St Simons Island has a great fishery that is often overlooked contact us for more information on redfish charters.

St Simons Redfish Charters GeorgiaHow We Fish For Redfish on St Simons Island

There are many ways to fish for Redfish. You can use live shrimp under a cork, live mud minnows and mullet, a variety of artificial baits, cut bait for the big bull reds, and also fly fishing. We drift fish for redfish down the banks and also sneak onto the shallow flats and sight fish for them. Redfish put up a great fight especially on light tackle and are a lot of fun to fish for.

You will find that redfish can be caught year round here in Georgia and they range in sizes 12-30+ inches. I try to discourage my clients from keeping these fish although if you would like to keep a couple the slot limit on redfish ranges from 14-23 inches.

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