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St Simons Tripletail Fishing Charters in Georgia

St Simons tripletail chartersDepending on the water temperatures, St Simons tripletail charters usually start up around the end of April to the first of May when the water temperatures reach around 70 degrees. To a lot of anglers, myself included, St Simons tripletail charters are one of the most exciting types of fishing we have here in the Golden Isles.

A lot of anglers have not heard of or fished for tripletail. Tripletail can be a very challenging and tricky fish to catch. There are a couple of factors to account for when sight fishing for tripletail, the water has to be some what clean and the sun needs to be high enough to keep the glare off of the water.

While fishing for tripletail we will mostly ride slowly around sight fishing for the tripletail which are laying on the surface of the water near shore of Jekyll Island.

Later in the summer the tripletail will move into the sounds where the tripletail hang out on structures like range markers and other navigational markers. Once they move into the sounds, you will fish for them on the slack tide and they can be anywhere from 5-15 feet deep. People come from all over to fish for tripletail they are pure muscle, put on a show, and put up a fight like no other fish in its class.

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