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April 2017 fishing report

Fishing Charters St Simons Island, GA Hello here is our latest fishing report for April 2017. The fishing has been pretty good but a bit tricky at times due to muddy waters and a good bit of windy days. For the most part we have caught a mixed bag of trout with some being under the size limit and others being really nice 18+ inch trout that are fat and full of roe. Most of the trout have been caught either on ... Read more

August Fishing Report

Summer fishing Report for St Simons Island Well that was another great summer of fishing in the books. Over the past few months we have focused on mostly the inshore bite. The amount of trout and redfish that we have seen this summer on almost all of our charters was some of the best I have seen in several years especially this years redfish population. Although most of the fish were 13 inch fish and not quite big enough to keep they were a lot of ... Read more

Spring Fishing Charters St Simons Island

Fishing Charters St Simons Island, GA The fishing Charters in St Simons Island have been good and the books are filling up quickly with more trips. All month the bite has been pretty good. Some days you have to work harder than others than to find the fish but once you find the cleaner water then most of the time the fish have been close by.  We have been catching good numbers of trout mostly in the 13 inch range and since Georgia changed the size limits to 14 ... Read more

Fall Fishing Charter St Simons Island GA

Fishing Charter St Simons Island GA Over the last few months the inshore bite has been really good which is to be expected for this time of year. Over the last couple of months we have had a lot of really windy days so that has been pretty difficult to fish in and also had to cancel a lot of trips. On the days we have been able to get out and fish I have been able to catch a lot of the fish pretty ... Read more

May Fishing trips St Simons Island 2015

May fishing Trips St Simons Island May fishing trips St Simons Island 2015 is off to a good start. Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Stan and Bryce from north Georgia. This morning we fished the last of the tide going out and the first of the incoming tide. The water clarity was pretty good, a lot better than what we have been dealing with lately and we stayed in the creeks behind St Simons Island. We started out catching trout using ... Read more

April Fishing Charters St Simons Island

Fishing Charters St Simons Island Spring is here and the waters are finally starting to warm up. We had some nice fish in March mostly redfish and a few trout. The April fishing charters in St Simons Island have been pretty good, there's been a lot of trout some being really nice keeper trout and also a good bit of smaller trout that are just a little bit to short to keep.  The redfishing in St Simons Island is still really good, there are a lot of big schools of redfish on the ... Read more

Trout and Redfish Charter Fishing St Simons Island

Today I got out on the water with Ted and Mandy from Indiana, who wanted to go on a trout and redfish charter. We decided to start the trip out by looking for redfish on the flats behind St. Simons Island, where I have been seeing some really nice schools of redfish. Once we got to the flats we did see a couple of fish but the tide was a negative low so it was kind of hard to reach them.  We stuck it out and were able to ... Read more

September Fishing Report St Simons Island

Tripletail Charters St Simons Island Finally got out on the water today with my friend Aron to do some fishing after the flood tides we have had over the last week.  We fished the last of the outgoing tide and the first of the incoming tide this morning the water was gorgeous and not a lot of current. At first we fished live shrimp and berkley gulp shrimp on the edge of oyster beds and drop offs behind St Simons Island fishing in 3-8ft ... Read more


Tripletail Fishing Charters What a perfect way to start on the day. First spot we went to this morning we had a few bites but nothing to set the hook into so we fished it for a few and then moved on. Once we got to the second spot with Tonys first cast he hooked this really nice tripletail fought him for a few minutes and into the boat. We hung out at this spot for a little while why the tide was coming ... Read more

Inshore fishing July 28, 2014

Trout and Redfish Charter - St. Simons Island, GA Today I had a great group of little anglers on the boat from Atlanta who wanted to go on a trout and redfish charter. Let me tell you they really worked the fish over pretty good this morning. We started the day out behind Jekyll Island fishing in the rivers along oyster beds and the first spot was really hot from the first cast. We caught several small redfish one really big redfish on light ... Read more
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